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Hello, welcome to my website.

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From June 2014 to March 2015 I've worked at Starship in Liverpool on the "Playworld:Superheroes" game.
Playworld on IOS app store
This has involved working with the Unity3D engine.
I've worked on editor extensions and tools for visual effects (puddles, light beams) and shaders for the enemies.
I created the puddles on the floor in the Arena level, and ensured we had specular light reflecting off the player character
Also involved in optimising the assets to fit on the target hardware

Luckily I had done some research into other engines besides the one that Magenta used, so had some experience of Unity.
When looking for something that could be used to experiment with shaders and materials, I found Unity to be very good compared with things like Rendermonkey, and I didn't have access to 3dS Max at home which I had used to develop shaders in hlsl for the artists at Magenta.

Before taking on the contract at Starship I threw something together using Unity over a couple of days:
Space invaders - It's not the full game and only has one wave.

I'd also previsouly experimented with creating a water shader that faked the refraction so could be used in the free version of Unity and could be renderred in one pass.

From late 2002/early 2003 to June 2014 I've been a Computer Games Programmer in Liverpool.
I worked on quite a few games while there and mostly it was fun

Invizimals:The lost kingdom"
I worked on cg and hlsl shaders, post processing effects, the particle system, and parts of the editor Magenta were building to use to produce the game.
I also converted the rendering from forward to deferred rendering with multiple render targets.

I've worked on a game containing a selection of jungle animals...
    Parts of Buzz Junior: Jungle Party that I was responsible for:
  • Minigames: Monkey battle, Whack-a squirrel, Splat!, Wheel running, totem pole
  • Rewrite of EE side interface to buzz controller module to make better use of parallelism and save frametime.
  • converion of buzz controller library IOP code onto PS4
  • Prepared the demo build for OPS2 magazine. (December 2006 #77)
Buzz Junior: Jungle party screenshots
    Parts of Stuart Little 3:Big Photo Adventure that I worked on:
  • Eyetoy support, motion detection and minigames.
  • Texture effects (washable graffiti)
  • Script engine for Cutscenes.
  • Cutscene scripts.
  • Minigames.
Stuart little 3 screenshots
    Parts of Cat In The Hat that I worked on:
  • FMV player
  • Polygon Clipper and environment mapping code written for the VU (Vector Unit,PS2 )
  • Loading screen - implemented pre-emptive threading so the existing level loading function would run during the frame time that wasn't been used for rendering the cat floating with his umbrella.
  • The lense flare and occlusion glare.
Cat In The Hat screenshots

Other games: RoboJam Ps2, and Disney Thinkfast on Wii.
Disney Thinkfast

I've mostly worked on the rendering library in Magentas bespoke Engine. During my time at magenta I helped upgrade their engine from the PS2 to include support for the Nintendo Wii, the Ps3,psp, the psVita and the Ps4. Although the projects on the Vita and Ps4 were never released.

I've also dabbled in Homebrew PS2 development (not using the linux kit, using NapLink and a console 'modified' purely for the purpose of homebrew development), getting as far as loading and rendering a 3DS model of a textured face, moving an image of a boobah around the screen and audio mixing on the EE (couldn't get tool chain set up to properly compile IRX modules so wrote a mixer that ran on the vblank and plays the result as a PCM stream).

I started programming in BASIC when I was seven years old.
At around 14 I started programming in assembly language for the 6502 microprocessor .
I've since programmed in assembly language for the 68000 (Atari ST, Amiga), ARM(Acorn Archimedes), and MIPS/VU (Playstation 2).Also Pascal (Turbo Pascal over DOS and Borland Delphi 5),C,C++, and a little Occam at college.
I've been involved in internet related programming since 1999. This has included use of HTML, javascript, PHP, MySQL, ActiveX, VRML, C.
I subscribed to developer newsletters from Nokia, Vodaphone and Ericsson in pre-smartphone days, although they've stopped sending them now.
My other website SouthportNews.com has been providing SMS and location based services to members of the site since October 2001

The books on my bookshelf:
Game Architecture and design
C++ For Game Programmers
Creating Games in C++
3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0
The CG Tutorial
Thge Complete Effect and HLSL Guide
RealTime Rendering, SE Moller/Haines
Black Art of 3D game programming, LaMothe
Direct3D Professional Reference, Stein,Bowman & Pierce
Programmers guide to PC &PS/2 Video Systems, R.Wilton
Programming the 80386, Crawford & Gelsinger
Inside WAP, P.Niskanen
Building Professional websites with the right tools, J.Greenberg & J.R.Lakeland
Teach yourself Web publishing with HTML 4 in 21 days, L.Lemay
Teach yourself Java in Cafe in 21 days, Joshi, Lemay & Perkins
How to program Java, P.Coffee
Mastering Java with Visual J++, T.Swan
Suse Linux 7.0 the Handbook
Red Hat Linux unleashed, D.Pitts,B.Ball
Using Caldera OpenLinux
The Joy of Work, S.Adams,
Every Issue of OPS2 magazine since #30 Feb 2003

Computers I've had
Commodore Plus/4
Commodore Vic-20
Commodore PET 2001 (2 of them)
BBC Micro Model B
Atari ST
mini mac

* "Eyetoy" refers to the "EyeToy USB Camera for Playstation 2"

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